What are pimples?

Pimples are those unwanted outbreaks on the face that may intervene with its appearance and beauty. As per medical science, pimple is basically a small pustule or papule. The major reason for appearance of pimples is the infection caused in the oil glands due to their clogging with the oils that are produced by the sebaceous glands. The excess of oils present in the skin pores are acted upon by bacteria thereby resulting in swollen and red lesions called as pimples. These lesions may be filled with pus. Although pimples may occur at any age however teenagers are more prone to suffer from this condition. This problem can be effectively managed and prevented by opting for natural treatments for the same.

Why do pimples appear on the skin?

There are multiple reasons in the list that may give rise to the problem of pimples. Some people are more prone to get affected by this problem due to certain physical conditions or other reasons. Below listed are amongst the major reasons that may give rise to development of pimples on the face.  

  • Hormonal changes taking place in the body
  • Touching your face or skin more often
  • Excessively oily skin
  • Excessive exposure to pollution and direct sunlight
  • Intake of fatty, oily and spicy foods in excess
  • Use of certain medicines that may lead to skin allergies
  • Clogging or blockage of the skin pores
  • Negligence in taking proper care of the skin hygiene
  • Overuse of cosmetic or beauty care products
  • Extreme mental stress

Ayurvedic stance about Pimples
In accordance with ayurveda, the problem of pimples is referred to as ‘Yauvan Pidika’. It means this problem is primarily and commonly found in people of young age or those who are at the stage of puberty. This condition is more commonly found in females than the males. It is all attributed to the hormonal changes visible in the bodies of females during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause and so on. Ayurveda considers it to be a condition that arises due to vitiation or aggravation of the Pitta Dosha. Hence it emphasizes the need to pacify Pitta Dosha with the help of balanced and healthy diet as well as certain therapies that help in reducing the excess of this dosha in the body and maintains normal balance for the same. Herbal or natural ingredients and extracts are mainly used in ayurvedic therapies or treatments to offer great and effective relief from pimples. Such treatments are very easily available at the specialized clinics like Nidanam Wellness Clinic that is operated by revered Dr. Jyotiraditya Aggarwal. By getting connected with such a clinic, you may say no to pimples for sure and boast off clean, clear and flawless skin.

Ayurvedic therapies for pimples management

Some of the wonderful therapies as suggested by ayurveda to get rid of and prevent pimples are as follows.

 Mukha Lepam

Indicated by the name, this ayurvedic remedy is meant to massage the facial area with the help of herbal ingredients such as turmeric. The face is massaged by applying turmeric by mixing the same with neem or other such herbal ingredients. A paste is prepared that is applied on the face while massaging the same in a gentle manner. It helps in improving blood flow to the face and at the same time cleanses the impurities and other toxins deep seated in the skin layers. The ageing process of the skin is delayed. Additionally, it also helps in getting rid of and further prevention of the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. The skin elasticity is also improved so that the recipients of this massage may have a younger-looking appearance and glow on their face.

Navra Mukha Lepam

It is also a type of facial massage wherein Navra rice is used. This therapy makes use of certain procedures for skin rejuvenation and detoxification. These may include facial steaming, scrubbing and massaging. Following this, the mask of the Navra rice is applied to the face. It helps in exfoliation of the skin for removal of the dead skin cells. Excess of oil is also removed and at the same time, blood flow to the facial region is also improved. It helps in management of numerous skin issues apart from pimples. These may include dullness and sagging of skin. Also the skin retains its youthful glow, elasticity and appearance.

Vaman and Virechanam

These therapies are basically aimed at detoxification of the entire body including the skin cells and tissues. It is because accumulation of the toxins or other wastes in the body is also a major culprit for the problem of pimples. With the use of this therapy, the Kapha Dosh is reduced. Following the detoxification process, the Snehana and Swedana treatments are also given to the patients followed by the Virechanam therapy. The entire body gets cleaned through all such therapies so that the chances of appearance of pimples or other unwanted marks on the skin may be reduced or totally ruled out. The skin tone is also improved.


It is a very simple yet effective therapy that offers excellent solution for management of the problem of pimples. To prepare the ubtan or the paste, different types of herbal powders are mixed together with yogurt or the herbal extracts. The herbal paste is applied to the recipients of this therapy following full body massage. It is done so as to enhance the blood flow and optimize the benefits attainable from this therapy. With the help of this therapy, normal pH balance of the skin is retained and maintained. The skin starts radiating amazingly due to the exfoliation and rejuvenation of the skin. The antifungal and antibacterial properties contained in the herbal ingredients being used in this therapy help in reduction and elimination of the pimples and other skin disorders.

Anyone who is affected with the problem of pimples badly may surely go ahead with the ayurvedic treatments for the same and get the desired results in a guaranteed manner.