Hair fall also known as alopecia is a very common problem now a days. It’s about losing hairs from the scalp. Thyroid, anaemia, protein deficiency, secondary syphilis, low vitamin levels, chemotherapy are the common causes for hair loss.

Below are other common causes of hair fall

1.Family history can carry traits of baldness or hair loss hence hereditary causes can be a reason for hair fall or hair loss.
2.In few cases prolonged illness, surgeries, post operative medications may also initiate the process of hair loss.
3. Hormonal influences may also lead to hair fall issues. Hormonal issues may include following conditions.

Hormonal changes can cause temporary hair loss. Examples include:

1. pregnancy
2. childbirth
3. discontinuing the use of birth control pills
4. menopause
5. Thyroid and allied problems may also be a reason of hair fall
6. Pathology of scalp like fungus, ringworm may also cause the same
7. Auto immune disease like alopecia may also damage hair roots and follicles thus causing hair fall.
8. Other diseases like lichen plan us may also lead to hair fall.
9. Certain medications specially pertaining to cancer, hypertension, depression, joint pains and arthritis, cardiac diseases may also cause hair loss and hair thinning.
10. Use of chemicals on scalp is the most commonly known cause of hair fall.
11. Lack of nutrition in diet may also promote hair loss.

Its most common types are:

-Male or female pattern baldness
–Androgenic alopecia
-Alopecia areata
-Telogen effluvium
-Anagen effluvium

Androgenic alopecia / male and female pattern baldness is permanent hair loss from the scalp causing baldness.
Alopecia areata is sudden hair loss that starts with one or more circular bald patches.

Telogen effluvium is a reversible condition in which hair falls out after a stressful experience
Anagen effluvium is an abnormal loss of hair during the first phase of hairs growth cycle.

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