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Nidanam began its journey about 20 years back with sole proprietary in mind of providing wellness to mankind. The concept of holistic treatments was conceived by Dr. Babu Ram Agarwal(1916 – 1991), the founder member of Nidanam group of health care. The concept was shaped up by his son Dr. S C Agarwal and their third generation Dr. Jyotiraditya Agarwal and Dr. Bhavana Jain Agarwal carried out the legacy.


Nidanam In general means providing solution to the health queries in the most holistic way free from any side effects and harms of the chemicals and allopathic medicines. Nidanam wellness is actually a clinic which is managed by well qualified doctors taking care of health of mankind.


Located in Panchkula, Haryana, Nidanam Wellness focuses on providing people with authentic healthcare in the form of knowledge, lifestyle guidance as well as medicines. Services of Nidanam group of Healthcare are spread all around the globe. The presence of Nidanam Wellness spreads to countries like United States of America, Canada, and United Kingdom, European countries like France, Germany, Romania, Belarus, Italy, Austria, and Netherlands. Asian Countries like Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan. Other countries include Australia, New- Zealand, Brazil, and Argentina etc.


Nidanam Wellness has been helping society by organising various health awareness programs online as well as in local peripheries to spread health to people. Based on various ancient traditional manuals and modern researches, we have designed various healthcare programs that are extremely helpful in today’s world.


We have specialized doctors for Ayurveda, panchkarma, homeopathy, weight loss, diets, psychology, acupressure, medical astrology and yoga. We also have specialized and experienced staff for Panchkarma (Kerela therapies) and weight loss therapies. We also have US FDA approved gadgets and medical equipment that are 100 % safe and effective for the use.

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we have three divisions.






Dr. Jyotiraditya Agarwal

Dr. JyotiradityA

Dr. Jyotiraditya He specialises in ayurveda & panchkarma and has been practicing since 2006. In such a short span he has been able to establish his name amongst the best ayurvedic doctors in India. His patients are not only limited to India but are spread all over the globe. He practices traditional ayuveda and is a Nadi vaidya (Pulse diagnosing doctor)
Dr. Bhavana Jain Agarwal

Dr. Bhavana Jain

Dr. Bhavana is a big name in homeopathy medicinal system. She completed her medicine study from Pune and has been practicing ever since. She is a renowned name in medical fraternity and has received so many credentials not only in India but worldwide. She treats her clients like they’re a family,