What spondylosis is?

Before we start discussing about the various important points about spondylosis, it is very much important to understand what actually this condition means. As per medical science, “Spondylitis” means inflammation in the spinal bones or vertebrae. Due to inflammation, there may be other symptoms as well including pain, stiffness, and restriction in the movements and so on. In some cases, the condition is so severe that deformity may also arise in the spine. That is why some patients affected with spondylosis experience somewhat frontward or backward curve in their back. The posture is affected very badly. The patients are unable to perform the routine chores freely. If left untreated for long time, spondylosis may get worsened and may make the patients bed-ridden.


Natural and holistic cure for spondylosis

The cures or remedies suggested in Ayurveda for management of the problem of spondylosis are aimed at offering total relief from this condition and that too in a risk-free manner. Rather than using the pain-killers or the anti-inflammatory drugs, it focuses on using some herbal or natural ingredients so that the patients may be able to overcome this condition well. The main focus of the ayurvedic cure for spondylosis is on long term effects so that pain, stiffness and other issues that accompany this condition may be got ridden of effectively.

Certain types of therapies or other natural cures are prescribed in the ayurvedic texts for most excellent management of this problem. Such treatments are readily offered by the Nidanam Wellness Clinic and such other clinics that follow ayurvedic approach towards treatment and management of this severely painful condition. At the same time, the naturalistic cure for spondylosis involves following healthy diet and lifestyle so that further recurrence of the symptoms associated with this condition may be prevented altogether.

Spondylosis Causes

There are multiple causes of spondylosis as listed below.

  • Infection in the bones, muscles or vertebrae of the spine or the parts present around it
  • Some injury to the spine that may later on lead to development of the symptoms of spondylosis
  • Advancement in age due to which the bones and muscles of the spine become weak or fragile
  • Overstraining of the spinal region
  • Totally inactive lifestyle or excessive indulgence in strenuous exercises
  • Lack of proper rest for the body due to which healing process gets obstructed
  • Wear and tear of the spine due to negligence in taking proper care of the same

Spondylosis symptoms

Some of the commonly experienced symptoms when a person suffers from spondylosis in any of the body parts are moderate to severe pain in the affected region such as neck or the back. The pain may vary in intensity from patient to patient. Also there may be continuous pain in some patients while some others may experience frequent attacks of pain. There may be feeling of burning sensation as well along with pain. Stiffness is also present in the affected area of the spine. The patients may also experience tenderness in back, neck or the hips depending upon the pressure exerted on these regions.

The mobility is also affected in such patients and hence they complain of limited mobility of the affected body area. Inflammation is also a common symptom of spondylosis. In some cases, numbness and tingling sensation may also be felt apart from pain and stiffness. The pain may even radiate to other connected body parts such as the upper and lower limbs. To offer complete relief from spondylosis, it is important to take into account all the symptoms that are specifically being suffered by the patient. It helps in suggesting the most suitable treatment plan so that patients may retain normal body functions in the affected regions and say no to pain and other symptoms.

Ayurvedic stance for spondylosis

In accordance with the ayurvedic texts, vitiation or imbalance of the Vata Dosha is the chief reason for occurrence of spondylosis in most of the patients. Generally, the Vata problems arise due to improper and inactive lifestyle. In order to get cured of the severe pain and other discomforting symptoms that arise due to spondylosis, ayurveda focuses on retaining the normal balance of the Vata dosha in the body. For this, it advocates following up healthy and well-balanced diet. At the same time, it is also important for the patients to be physically active. By doing so, the patients may certainly overcome this problem and also improve the strength and functions of the spine and in turn the entire muscular system.

Spondylosis Types

Spondylosis in accordance with medical science may be categorized into six main types as explained below.

Ankylosing spondylitis- The spine, lower back and the hips are affected by this type.

Enteropathic arthritis (EnA)- It affects the intestines of the stomach. There is pain and inflammation in the intestines apart from pain in the back and body joints.

Psoriatic arthritis (PsA)- It is believed to be connected with the psoriasis of the skin and results in pain and stiffness in the back region. Pain and swelling in smaller joints such as in the fingers and toes are most commonly notable symptoms.

Reactive arthritis/Reiter’s syndrome (ReA)- Pain and inflammation in the peripheral joints such as knees and ankles as well as spine and sacroiliac joints are experienced by the patients. Generally, it occurs following a bacterial infection that may be a result of a sexually transmitted infection or a gastrointestinal infection.

Juvenile spondylitis (JSpA)- Suggested by the name, it is found in children and teenagers and affects the leg joints.

Undifferentiated spondylitis- In this type, common symptoms of spondylosis are not there. Rather it may manifest in the form of pain in certain body parts such as back, buttocks, and heels or there may be fatigue or other symptoms.

Ayurvedic therapies for spondylosis

Some of the commonly used therapies in ayurveda for spondylosis are-

  • Snehana
  • Greeva basti
  • Patra pind sweda
  • Abhyanga
  • Nasya
  • Basti

By taking help from the ayurvedic therapies being offered by the healthcare experts in the relevant field, you may definitely overcome this painful condition and lead a totally pain-free life.