Holistic cure for Sinus

Sinus or sinusitis is a common problem that can be cured very effectively and safely with the use of wonderful natural treatments offered by the ayurveda. Chiefly, antibacterial herbs and other natural ingredients that are found to be effective in management of Sinus are used to ensure total relief as well as safety of the patients. Ayurvedic cure for sinus as offered by Nidanam Wellness Clinic and similar other clinics around is definitely the best option as you may get cured of your problem for good and get long lasting relief from the associated symptoms.


What Sinusitis is?

As per the medical experts, sinusitis is basically an inflammatory condition that is related to the tissues that line up sinus cavities. These cavities are present in and around the nasal canals and are filled with air under normal conditions. Due to inflammation and swelling in the tissues present around the sinus, fluid gets filled in the sinus cavities. Infection that may be caused by bacteria, viruses or the fungi in this fluid may lead to blockage in the hollow Sinus cavities. And this condition is then referred to as sinusitis. It may be triggered due to common cold, allergic rhinitis and the nasal polyps. Nasal polyps are the small growths in the lining of the nose. Generally, the symptoms of sinusitis last for few days to few weeks. In some cases, where this condition is present chronically in the patients, the symptoms may even last for few months with varying intensities and severity.

Sinusitis symptoms

 Major and most common symptoms of sinusitis are as listed here under.

Common Cold is a major symptom of this condition.

  • Some patients also suffer from the problem of running nose.
  • Swelling is experienced in the eyes. It is due to filling up of the nasal cavities with fluids.
  • Redness and swelling appears on the cheeks as well.
  • Headache is also a commonly experienced problem by numbers of patients. In fact, large numbers of people suffer from recurrent headaches due to sinusitis only.
  • Coughing may also accompany other symptoms.
  • Fever is also present in some cases.
  • Problem of sore throat is also present in some patients.
  • Problem of bad breath is also there.
  • Watering of eyes may also start. Again it is due to presence of excess of fluid in the nasal cavities.
  • Blocking of nasal passage which in turn may result in problems in normal breathing by the patients.
  • There may be loss of sense of smell due to excessive build-up of mucus in the nasal cavities.
  • Tooth ache due to blockage in the nerves supplying blood to dental parts is also a common symptom of sinusitis.

Ayurvedic stance for sinusitis

In accordance with the ayurveda, imbalance of the Kapha dosha is the major culprit behind occurrence of sinusitis. It is believed that the fluids including the mucous secretion in the body are all maintained by the Kapha dosha. Due to imbalance of this dosha in the body, the problem of sinusitis appears. The upper respiratory tract is the main seat of storage of the kapha vata due to which there is excessive mucous production. In order to treat and manage the problem of sinusitis, ayurveda suggests making changes in the diet as well as lifestyle of the patients. This in turn helps in bringing about normal balance of the respective doshas. As far as ayurvedic therapies for sinus management are concerned, Nasyam is one of the most wonderful therapies. It is related with the nasal canals and hence found to be quite effective in the management of this problem.

What is Nasyam and what are its benefits?

Nasyam is basically an ayurvedic therapy that uses some herbal juices, oils, powders and the medicated drugs that are administered through the nostrils. The nasya oil is used in this therapy as it is recommended in the ayurvedic texts for certain diseases related to the parts of the body above the shoulders. Administration of medicines or oils through the nostrils proves to be quite helpful and effective in management of the problem such as sinusitis, nasal infections, rhinitis, allergies, congestion and headaches. The main aim of this therapy is to clean and purify the nasal passages so that the patients may keep on breathing normally and effortlessly. Also it helps in clearing any hazardous elements present in the nostrils so that any further aggravation of the symptoms may be prevented.

The medicines that are administered via the nasal canals reach the brain and the blood stream present in and around the nostrils. It helps in clearing any blockage in the nasal channels for most effective relief from nasal congestion, headaches, watery eyes and such other symptoms that affect the patients adversely. Since this therapy makes use of pure herbal ingredients therefore it is found to be totally risk-free for the patients in all respects.

Benefits offered by the Nasyam treatment to the patients

Certainly, Nasyam is an effective treatment option for the problem of sinus or the sinusitis. It offers great relief from this problem in natural and risk-free manners. It proves to be beneficial for the patients in countless ways as listed below.

  • The blockage in the nasal canals and the nasal cavities is cleared completely.
  • The unnecessary discharge from the nasal canals or the cavities is reduced and got ridden of.
  • The infections in the nostrils or any of its parts are cured very effectively.
  • Swelling caused in the eyes and cheeks is also reduced and slowly eliminated.
  • The nasal passages are also strengthened for most optimal functions.
  • Problem of headaches as experienced by numbers of people suffering from sinusitis is also reduced and managed very effectively.

The patients may effectively overcome and manage the problem of sinusitis by opting for the ayurvedic therapies that are all aimed at providing most efficient and long lasting relief from this problem. At the same time, it also prevents recurrence of the symptoms in the long run.