Pain in any of the body parts is definitely discomforting. Whether it is your neck, back, shoulders, arms or legs, pain in any of the body parts may cause great difficulty in normal movements and activities. Chronic pain in the body may sometimes lead to certain serious problems in the body. Apart from pain, swelling, stiffness and restriction of the movements of the affected body parts is also present in the form of symptoms of the given disease. In the traditional medicine world, sometimes surgical procedures may be suggested in order to offer relief from long term pain. However, it has numerous side-effects and at the same time, the recovery from surgical procedures takes quite long time. Owing to same reason, ayurveda advocates use of safe therapies and treatments so that pain may be managed effectively and permanently. For this, use of herbs or natural ingredients is suggested.

Pain Management

Reasons for pain in different body parts as per ayurveda

Ayurveda considers the imbalance of the three body doshas to be the major culprit for pain. Vitiation of the Vata Dosha is chiefly held responsible for occurrence of pain in the body. It is because all the body movements are possible due to Vata Dosha. Any impediment or obstructions in this dosha are held responsible for pain. In fact, the functions of other two doshas are also controlled by the Vata dosha as it moves through the body channels via blood and nerves and let the other two doshas to carry on with their normal functions.

Different types of pain in the different parts of the body may be caused due to vitiation of different doshas as discussed below.

Vata-Vata Pain

The pain caused due to vitiation of this dosha combination is quite sharp, throbbing and variable in its intensity. Also the pain may migrate in the given location. This type of pain comes and goes quite rapidly and remains localized on the surface of the body.

Vata-Pitta Pain

The pain caused due to this dosha combination is intense and remains confined to one place. The pain is burning and piercing and is generally found in the middle of the body. The pain caused due to this dosha combination may keep on increasing with passage of time.

Vata –Kapha Pain

This type of pain is mostly dull and aching and remains localized in one place. The pain may be felt more severely by the patients in the morning and evening time.

By knowing about the exact type of pain being suffered by any person, ayurveda offers the best treatments for total eradication and most excellent management of the same. The main aim of ayurvedic therapies is to offer total relief from pain. For this, it follows a holistic approach towards pain management. It considers all the aspects right from diet to lifestyle and other factors that must be given due consideration for effective pain management.

Ayurvedic therapies for pain management

Different types of therapies using certain herbal or natural constituents are offered to the patients at the ayurvedic clinics like Nidanam Wellness Clinic under the guidance of Dr.Jyotiraditya Agarwal. Apart from these therapies, the patients are also advised to follow healthy diet and active lifestyle so that further prevention of the pain may be ensured. Since ayurveda uses natural ingredients for various therapies therefore it is totally risk-free in all respects for the patients.



It is a wonderful massage treatment offered to the patients suffering from severe pain. It offers considerable and effective relief from pain, stiffness and knots from the muscles. The joints are well lubricated and strengthened so that the patients may be able to carry on with normal and free movements.


Greeva Basti

People suffering from neck pain may be well cured of their pain and other symptoms from the affected region with the use of this therapy. Herbs and other ingredients used in this therapy are rich in analgesic properties and hence offer considerable relief from pain and other symptoms as well.


It is a superb treatment in ayurveda that offers the problem of sciatica in highly effective as well as safe way. In this therapy, steam is also offered to the patients apart from massage. It helps in clearing any obstructions in the normal flow of blood via the nerves and body tissues.


Kati Basti


Again it is an excellent therapy to manage the problem of sciatica pain in natural and risk-free manners. Apart from sciatica, patients suffering from lower back pain may also get rid of their problem effectively.




This therapy is offered to such patients who experience pain in different body parts quite severely. It aims at bringing about the normal balance of the Vata Dosha in the body.


Sneha Basti

Pain can be reduced as well as got ridden of quite successfully with the use of this therapy that is being used since ancient times in the ayurvedic medicine world.




This therapy works in a unique manner. The perception of pain by various body parts is reduced and eliminated by stimulation of certain points in the brain. For this, medicated oils are administered via the nasal canals so that the same may reach the brain and start showing its effect.


What to do to prevent painful conditions?

Pain in different body parts can be prevented provided you are careful about some points as follows.

  • You must take care that you sit and stand in correct posture. Your spine must always be in a straight position to avoid painful conditions.
  • Make sure you get engaged in physical activities or exercises to normalize the blood flow through the entire body.
  • Healthy diet is also important to rule out the chances of any nutritional deficiencies in the body.
  • Any injuries in any of the body parts must be treated in a timely manner.
  • Have proper rest and sleep so that your body gets time for natural healing.

Ayurvedic therapies certainly offer long term relief even from the chronic problems of pain in the patients. Due to safety of such therapies, these can be offered to anyone regardless of age and gender.