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Dr. Jyotiraditya

Dr. Jyotiraditya

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I am very satisfied with my back pain problem that is almost 100 % resolved by treatment done at Nidanam. My problem was almost 8 years old. I had consulted so many doctors but in vain... then came to know about this clinic and now my back pain is History.
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma
Civil engineer
I am extremely happy with my Hair Treatment done by Dr. Bhavana. I was almost on the verge of getting bald. I started my Hair treatment at Nidanam and it took me 6 months to find my scalp full of hairs back. I am Very very happy with the results.
Aditi Bose
Aditi Bose
I lost almost 27 Kg here at Nidanam. They don’t make you starve nor make you exercise hard. With their specialised diet plans along with weigh loss techniques I was able to shed off those Kgs..

Pulkit Rastogi
Pulkit Rastogi



Dr. Jyotiraditya Agarwal

Dr. JyotiradityA

Dr. Jyotiraditya He specialises in ayurveda & panchkarma and has been practicing since 2006. In such a short span he has been able to establish his name amongst the best ayurvedic doctors in India. His patients are not only limited to India but are spread all over the globe. He practices traditional ayuveda and is a Nadi vaidya (Pulse diagnosing doctor)
Dr. Bhavana Jain Agarwal

Dr. Bhavana Jain

Dr. Bhavana is a big name in homeopathy medicinal system. She completed her medicine study from Pune and has been practicing ever since. She is a renowned name in medical fraternity and has received so many credentials not only in India but worldwide. She treats her clients like they’re a family, 


Frequently Asked Questions

“AYURVEDA” is made up of two words-Ayuh and Veda. Ayuh means life and Veda means knowledge or science. Thus “AYURVEDA’ in totality means ‘Science of life’. It incorporates all aspects of life whether physical, psychological, spiritual or social. What is beneficial and what is harmful to life, what is happy life and what is sorrowful life; all these four questions and life span allied issues are elaborately and emphatically discussed in Ayurveda. It believes the existence of soul before birth and after death too.

Diagnostic procedures in Ayurveda are two pronged; one is aimed to establish the state and type of pathology and second to decide the mode of treatment tobe applied. The former implies examination of the patient and make different investigations to diagnose the disease entity. Inspection, palpation, percussion and interrogation are the main modes of physical examination. The second type of examination is to assess the strength and physical status of the individual so that accordingly the type of management required could be planned. For this examination of Prakriti (Body constitution), Saar (Tissue quality), Samhnan (physique), Satva (Mental strength), Satamya (specific adaptability), Aaharshakti (diet intake capacity), Vyayaam shakti (exercise capacity) and Vaya (age) is done. On the basis of this examination the individual is decided to be having Pravar bal (excellent strength), Madhyam Bal (moderate strength) or Heen Bal (low strength).

About 20 years back, W.H.O. adopted Traditional Medicine programme in conjunction with the goal of health for all with the adoption of primary health care approach. W.H.O. has an open mind on Traditional Medicine. However, it endorses only that therapy which has solid scientific evidence with no toxicity. In view of this Ayurveda is duly recognised by W.H.O.

Ayurveda Medicines are being sold in two ways, by practicing Ayurveda doctors and through retail counters. Again retail counters are of two types- purely Ayurvedic & secondly along with allopathic medicines. Classical Ayurvedic medicines as mentioned in original texts of Ayurveda are usually available in former type of counters whereas patent and proprietary medicines are mainly available in allopathic chemist shops. Both types of chemists by and large are available in almost all small and big towns/ cities where from required Ayurveda medicines can be accessed.

Ayurveda has a wide scope as far as the prevention of disease, promotion of health and its preservation are concerned. Lifestyle rules mentioned in Ayurvedic texts if applied rigorously give definite results. Lifestyle related diseases, drug abuse, degenerative diseases, auto immune diseases and certain metabolic and allergic disorders are well manageable with Ayurvedic techniques and medicaments.

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