Natural and risk-free cure for Eczema

As we all know that eczema is a skin disorder that may result in great discomfort for the patients. The symptoms appear severely when the weather conditions are extremely dry. If left untreated, it may keep on worsening. In some cases, the condition may become so worse that the skin of the patients may start bleeding or oozing. Hence it is of utmost importance to manage this skin condition safely and naturally so that the patients may be able to enjoy overall good health of the skin.
Keeping in mind the risks or side-effects associated with the traditional treatment options for eczema, ayurveda has offered a safe and natural cure for this skin condition. Ayurveda focuses on eradication of this skin disorder from its root cause so that the chances of recurrence of the same may be prevented altogether. Basically, such herbs or other therapies are suggested under ayurvedic approach for treatment of eczema that offer long lasting and effective cure for this skin problem. Hence total safety of the patients is guaranteed with this natural cure for eczema.

What Eczema is?

Also referred to as Dermatitis, Eczema as per medical science is an inflammatory condition relevant to the skin. It is characterized by excessive dryness of the skin that may result in constant itching and irritation on the skin. Additionally, there may be recurring rashes on the skin. At the same time, the patients may also experience other symptoms such as redness on the skin, swelling, itching, crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking, oozing, or bleeding. Discoloration may also occur in some skin areas due to all such symptoms. Besides the physical discomfort the patients may also suffer from low self confidence caused due to the mental effect of this skin condition.

Types of Eczema
In accordance with medical science, eczema may be classified into four types as discussed below.
Atopic Dermatitis

It is supposed to be hereditary in nature and may be transmitted from one generation to the other in the same family. Patients suffer from itching rashes that are primarily found on the head and scalp, neck, inside of elbows, behind knees, and buttocks.
Contact Dermatitis

It may be further classified into allergic and irritant types. The former type is caused due to delayed reaction to an allergen while the latter one is a result of direct reaction to an allergen. Both the types are equally discomforting.
Xerotic Eczema

This type of eczema chiefly affects the limbs and trunks. It is caused as a result of excessive skin dryness and may worsen when there are dry and cold winters outside. The skin becomes tender and itchiness may result in cracks on the skin.
Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

This type of eczema is chiefly related to the scalp, eyebrows, and face, and sometimes trunk also. It may result in dry or greasy peeling of skin over all such skin areas. There is excessive dryness of the skin in affected areas due to which the patients experience constant irritation and itching on the skin.

What is the ayurvedic stance for eczema?

As per ayurveda, Eczema is referred to as Vicharchika. The key reason for occurrence of this condition in some people is imbalance of the three doshas in the body i.e. disturbance in Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas. In order to manage this condition well, ayurveda lays emphasis on bringing about the lost balance amidst these three doshas so that normal skin functions may be ensured. For this, ayurveda makes use of a combination of Panchkarma therapy that helps in detoxification of the skin and in fact entire body, application of herbal pastes and administration of herbal medicines including the ghritams or aasvas and arishtas. The therapies suggested by Ayurveda may be undertaken at the specialized clinics including the Nidanam Wellness Clinic. It is an eminent clinic that is being run under the supervision of Dr. Jyotiraditya Aggarwal. You may get rid of eczema and other irritating symptoms associated with this condition with the help of such natural therapies.

Therapies suggested in ayurveda for Dermatitis or Eczema Treatment

Below given are some of the key therapies that are suggested under ayurvedic treatment plan for the treatment and management of eczema or dermatitis.


Basically, it is considered to be a part of Panchkarma therapy. The main aim of this therapy is to remove the toxins from the body. In this therapy induced vomiting method is used so that toxins may be eradicated from the body. As a result of this, skin is also cleansed.


Again it is one of the most important parts of the Panchkarma therapy. Similar to Vaman, it makes use of induced purgation for removal of toxins from the body. The body is totally detoxified for its overall well-being in all respects.


The basic meaning of Takra is buttermilk. It is used in combination with some other herbs such as Neem, Haridra, aaragwada etc. so as to cleanse the skin. All these herbs are quite useful and helpful in excellent management skin disorders.


In this therapy, different types of kwaths are used in order to manage different types of skin lesions that may arise due to vitiation of various types of doshas in the body. As an instance, Nimbadi kwath is used for management of Kaphaj lesions while Manjishtadi kwath is used for management of vata kaphaj lesions and aragwadadi kwath is used for pitta Kaphaja lesions. All these ingredients are found to be quite beneficial for the skin in innumerable ways.


This therapy is primarily used to relieve the stress from the mind and the body. It is worth noting that eczema symptoms may get aggravated due to extreme mental and physical stress. Hence this therapy is meant to relieve stress so as to ease the symptoms of this skin condition.

All such therapies that are prescribed under ayurveda when used under the guidance of experts may offer most excellent results to the patients as far as management of the eczema and its discomforting symptoms are concerned.