Ayurvedic remedies to manage the problem of hair fall during summers

With the approach of the summers, numerous problems related to skin start appearing. Like skin, hairs also undergo countless problems that get aggravated during the hot weather conditions. It is all due to numerous reasons such as increase in the oil secretion from the sebaceous glands. At the same time, harsh rays of the sun may result in excessive dryness and roughness of the hairs. Numbers of other issues such as hair fall, hair loss, thinning of the hairs and problem of split ends may also be experienced by numbers of people during summer season.

Best Hair Fall Doctor in Chandigarh

Excessive sweating during summers may further worsen the condition. For management of all such issues and to ensure good health and condition of your hairs, you certain need to get help from the Best Hair Fall Doctor in Chandigarh. Though hair fall may seem to be a common problem however it may keep on aggravating, if left untreated for long time.

There is no need to worry as ayurveda has blessed us with numbers of natural and safe remedies for management of the hair problems and especially during the summers. It offers a holistic and natural approach towards management of various issues being experienced by us in relation to the hairs. Ayurveda advocates use of natural ingredients such as Shikakai, Amla and Brahmi in management of various types of hair problems. Further, ayurveda also advocates use of certain natural therapies that may offer an excellent and effective cure for all such hair issues.

Ayurvedic therapies for hair fall


This therapy involves pouring of the medicated buttermilk that is cooked with soothing medicines on the hair and the scalp of the affected persons. It is done so as to remove the excess of heat from the body and regulate the body temperature. As a result, problem of hair fall is managed effectively.


Basically, a mask prepared from herbal ingredients is used on the hairs so as to propel the growth of hairs. At the same time, hairs also get proper nourishment for their wonderful growth.


Medicated oil is used in this therapy so that scalp and hairs may be nourished well. Problem of hair fall and thinning of the hairs is managed excellently with the help of this therapy.

Under the guidance of Hair Fall Specialist in Chandigarh, such therapies may be undertaken by the affected persons and get rid of their respective hair issues being suffered by them.

How to prevent hair fall?

  • Take well balanced and healthy diet to supply all the essential nutrients required for good hair growth.
  • Proper and regular oiling and washing of the hairs is very much important.
  • Make sure you comb your hairs twice or thrice in a day to maintain normal blood circulation.
  • Take proper rest and sleep to promote natural hair growth.
  • Overuse of styling products must be avoided.

Managing hair problems can be eased by opting for the Best Hair Fall Treatment in Chandigarh and being aware about some things and habits in routine life.

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