Weight Loss Treatment at Nidanam, Panchkula

Absence of bodily movements, afternoon siestas, and heavy diet with high fats and sugars contribute to increase in medo dhatu (fat cells). While obesity and overweighing have been a major challenge across the world, modern healthcare providers still struggle to cure it. Nidanam Center in the province of Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula offers an array of weight loss treatments.

Why should you take obesity seriously?

Being overweight may not harm body directly, but it can bring dire consequences as secondary complications such as hypertension, cardiac ailments, arthritis, infertility, and even diabetes. Stress, anxiety, and depression are a few psychological disorders that arise with extra pounds in the body. Infrared lyposis, deep heat tissue, and Electronic Muscle Stimulation treatments and modalities are available at Nidanam, Panchkula to help get rid of overweight.

The incidences of obesity are more prevalent in Indians with improper dietary habit. A lot of health enthusiastic from Chandigarh and Mohali approach Nidanam treatment for obesity using safe natural and non-surgical therapies.


How to lose weight through therapies and diet without any side effects?

At Nidanam, Dr Jyotiraditya and Dr Bhavna usethe rudiments of internal and external natural weight loss therapies including diet, infrared lyposis, deep heat tissue, and Electronic Muscle Stimulation therapies. Evidence based medicines have provided enough instances of weight loss treatment through regimen that pacify elevated levels of adipose tissues and lipids without any side effects. Here is the list non-surgical obesity treatment for weight loss performed at Nidanam Center at Chandigarh.
  1. Lifestyle counselling
  2. Diet regulations and designing according to lifestyles
  3. Deep heat tissue therapy
  4. Infrared lyposis
  5. Meditation and natural therapies

The breakthrough for obesity at Nidanam

To break the vicious cycle of glutting and forming fatty cells, experienced physicians at Nidanam can be reached easily from Chandigarh and Mohali. We determine the unique nature of an individual, and carry out perfect diet and therapies plan to bring in weight loss without harmful side effects. There are a few mainstays of weight loss management –
  1. Balancing digestion fire
  2. Removing undigested chyme
  3. Improving dietary habits and improper routines
  4. Lowering stress
  5. Internal microchannel cleansing
  6. Improving metabolism and robust digestive system
At Nidanam, Panchkula, we help you bring homeostasis which, in turn, makes a human body rejuvenated, revitalized, and energetic. In addition, if required, special sessions of yoga, Ayurvedic therapies, pranayama, and other spiritual therapies are also held in order to bring back health and harmony among hormones and bodily organs.

Final notes for weight loss management

One should remember that the progress toward obesity management or weight loss treatment is proportionate to how well the person adheres to the guidelines advised by physicians at Nidanam. Dietary and lifestyle habits die hard, and the changes you notice may be slowly but steady. In other words, it is highly expected that you have follow up at Nidanam Ayurveda Center in Panchkula, near to Mohali.