Natural and holistic cure for Joint Pain management

To make sure that people suffering from joint pains are cured of this painful condition in a safe manner, ayurveda offers a natural and safe cure for this problem. There are numbers of therapies or other treatments that are offered to the patients at the ayurvedic clinics such as Nidanam Wellness Clinic. Knowledgeable and experienced doctors including Dr. Jyotiraditya Agarwal suggest the best ever therapies and treatments to the patients as per their age and unique physical conditions. It helps patients to get rid of pain and other discomforting symptoms in highly effective manners. Long term relief from joint pain is ensured by wonderful ayurvedic therapies.

What do you know about joint pain?

As is clear from the name, joint pain is a condition that is chiefly related to various joints of the body. This condition is characterized by pain, stiffness, swelling and inflammation of the joints. The patients are unable to carry out normal movements of the painful joints. In some cases, the pain becomes unbearable and may even make the patients bed-ridden. It is worth noting that the condition of joint pain arises due to wear and tear of the cartilage disc that is present amidst the two joints. Due to this damage caused to the cartilage disc, the two bones start rubbing against one another. This in turn gives rise to pain, stiffness as well as other symptoms. Generally, problem of joint pain is found in people of old age. However, it may be caused in younger generation as well due to some specific reasons such as injuries or accidents.

What does ayurveda thinks about Joint Pain?

Joint Pain as per ayurveda is caused due to excess of Amavata. Due to intake of unhealthy and improper foods, there is vitiation of the three doshas in the body as well as the Amavata. As a result of excess of Amavata in the body, the joints start experiencing stiffness as well as pain. The symptoms appear severely in the morning. At the same time, excessive accumulation of the toxins and other hazardous wastes in the body may also give rise to the problem of joint pain. In order to cure this problem completely and right from its root cause, it is recommended in ayurveda to work on retaining the normal balance amidst various doshas in the human body.

Further, it also emphasizes the need to reduce the Amavata to normal levels so as to ensure normal functioning of the entire body systems including the muscular system. For achievement of this goal, certain therapies are advocated in ayurveda that helps in alleviation of the pain and stiffness in the joints. Also it helps in further prevention of the symptoms. Since herbal or natural ingredients are used in ayurvedic therapies therefore it is a safe way to manage this problem well.

What therapies ayurveda recommends for Joint Pain?

Certain therapies are found to be quite effective in the ayurvedic treatment plan for joint pain. These remedies are aimed at offering complete relief from pain, stiffness, swelling and redness in the affected joints. Major Ayurvedic therapies used for management of joint pain are as listed below.


The muscles, bones and joints of the affected region and in fact the entire body are well-lubricated and strengthened with this therapy that involves massaging the whole body from top to bottom. Massage offered to the patients in highly effective manners helps in relaxing the muscles and at the same time improves blood circulation. The nerve endings get proper supply of blood thereby relieving pain, stiffness and other painful symptoms.


Dry heat applied to the affected joints with the help of satchels that are filled with rice, herbs and sand in a muslin cloth and heated are pounded over the patient’s body gently. The aggravation in the Vata and Kapha doshas is reduced so that pain may be relieved quickly. It is quite effective in offering relief from numerous painful conditions related to the muscles.

Greeva Basti

A compartment made from wet flour of black gram is used into which medicated oils are poured. It helps in alleviation of the pain and stiffness primarily in the neck region. However, it can be used equally and effectively in other regions or areas of the body too. Under this therapy, the patients are offered Sudation and Oleation concurrently so as to offer lubrication to the neck or the affected joints. It is an excellent way to improve blood circulation and say no to the inflammatory symptoms associated with muscular pain. The patients feel great improvement in the flexibility of their muscles and joints and hence retain normal and easier body movements.

Janu Basti

This therapy also makes use of a mold that is made from the black gram paste or the whole wheat flour. In this therapy, some specific types of herbal oils are used that help in offering great and effective relief from the pain and other associated symptoms. Gentle massage is also offered to the patients for total relaxation of the muscles and joints. Pain, swelling and inflammation are greatly reduced with the use of this therapy.

Sneha Basti

Aimed at offering relief from joint pain by way of detoxification, this therapy is also used commonly and widely in the ayurvedic treatment approach. Enema is given to the patients using medicated oil or ghee via the anal route. It helps in clearing any obstructions that may block the way to healing the problem of joint pain.

Kashaya Basti

It is similar to Sneha Basti therapy with the difference in the use of the ingredients for enema application purpose. It makes use of medicated decoction for flushing out the toxins. It offers great relief from various types of painful conditions associated with joints and muscles.

Use of natural or ayurvedic therapies is certainly increasingly becoming popular amongst the patients to get relieved of joint pains. It is all attributed to the long lasting results offered by these therapies in a risk-free manner.