While for many losing extra pounds is not an arduous task, it is cumbersome for them to achieve inch loss. Inch loss or fat loss from a specific body part such as hips, thighs, waist, and neck require a unique approach. Contact Nidanam Wellness Center in Panchkula, near to Mohali and Chandigarh not only to challenge bulging belly but also the other discomforts you face.

How does the body sculpting work for inch loss?

A blended-therapy approach at Nidanam Wellness, Panchkula proves to be a sure shot way to target a specific body part and correct the functioning of cells through several biological processes. Non-surgical and completely safe inch loss management by qualified healthcare providers ensures the activation of bio-stimulated energy, promotion of metabolic synergy, and enhanced micro blood circulation.

We specialize topical inch loss –


  • Tummy
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Arm
  • Back


Basic and advanced non-surgical therapies

In the proximity of Mohali and Chandigarh, you can reach Nidanam Wellness in Panchkula where hundreds of men and women have satisfactorily achieved their aesthetic goals through body re-sculpting. Mainly, inch loss remedies are achieved through basic traditional techniques; nevertheless, for stubborn body fat cells, advanced therapies based on the rudiments of contemporary medical science are performed.
Basic non-surgical inch loss therapies

Our expert healthcare physicians practice the safest way to help you get rid of unwanted fats at stubborn areas mentioned above. You don’t undergo any knife, instead indulge in time-tested fruitful treatment to lose inches mentioned below.

Tucks: A specialized therapy performed in a particular area such as thighs, arms, and belly. It helps reduce tummy and extra layers of fats around your waist and other parts.

UACT: Ultra Adipose Cellulite Therapy is a non-invasive and time-tested slimming and cellulite removal therapy that is based on ultrasonic waves, which, in turn, dissolve stubborn adipose cells or local fats.

Wraps: strips of ingredients with natural weight-loss properties are wrapped around targeted areas such as thighs, arms, and belly to boost local detoxification. Nidanam Wellness at Panchkula specializes in lipo reduction and cellulite wrap therapies.

Deep tissue therapy: special therapies, focusing on deep tissues, are practised at Nidanam near Mohali and Chandigarh. Correcting and balancing metabolism at a cellular level can help get rid of excess fats around cells.

Breast reduction, firming, or enlargement: reshaping and re-firming breasts are now possible with special aesthetic treatments at Nidanam. A combined internal and external therapy is practised on bust line to get firmer, high-positioned, and spherical shaped female organs.
Advanced non-surgical inch loss therapies

In some cases, basic non-surgical inch loss therapies are either augmented or replaced by advanced techniques. At Nidanam, Chandigarh, Cativation, Radio Frequency, Cryo Lipolysis, and 5D Laser Lipolysis are time-tested and trusted technologies that freeze or inactivate fat cells and then eliminate them from the body through the lymphatic drainage system.

Painless and non-invasive inch loss treatments by modern technology help you get rid of love handles, belly fat, upper arms, abdomen, back, chin, and buttocks.
Weight loss and inch loss

Those who seek both losses inch and weight can contact doctors at Nidanam, Panchkula near Chandigarh and Mohali. The internal and external therapies are augmented by effective diet and lifestyle changes. Visit the wellness centre to help prevent and cure obesity or overweight.