Is there any natural and safe cure for Frozen Shoulder?

Due to inactive lifestyle and also due to certain injuries or other reasons, frozen shoulder has become a common problem worldwide for large section of the population worldwide. The severe pain and stiffness caused in the shoulder may lead to problems in normal movements of the shoulder. Of course, pain killers and other analgesics are there that are prescribed to the patients for quick relief from pain. However, such medicines may start showing certain side-effects if used for long time.

Frozen Shoulder

Fortunately, we have a safe and natural treatment option available for management of this severely painful condition. It is accessible in the form of natural therapies recommended in the ayurvedic texts for relieving the pain caused due to frozen shoulder. Such therapies are readily offered at the ayurvedic clinics like Dr.Jyotiraditya Agarwals’ Nidanam Wellness Clinic. At such clinics, you may get advice from the experts and undergo the prescribed therapies so as to get relieved of the severe pain in the shoulder. Freedom from any side-effects or other hazardous effects on overall body health makes the ayurvedic therapies apt treatment option for this problem.

Understanding the problem of Frozen Shoulder

Indicated by the name, frozen shoulder is a condition due to which the patients are unable to move their shoulder freely and in a normal manner due to severe pain and stiffness caused in it. In medical science, it is also known as adhesive capsulitis. Generally, patients experience pain in the shoulder at the initial stage. The pain may persist for few months and then start getting severe with each passing day. The muscles of the shoulder become so stiff that patients may be unable to move up the shoulder and even sideways. In present day arena, lack of movements and desk-bound lifestyle has resulted in frozen shoulder in large section of the population.

To better understand this condition, there are ligaments that are covered by a capsule in the bones of the shoulders. The problem of frozen shoulder arises when there is inflammation in the capsules that contains the ligament tissues. The bones also get inflamed and in turn give rise to the problem of frozen shoulder. Thickness starts occurring in the inflamed ligament thereby making the shoulder stiff and creating problems in the normal movements of the shoulder. Additionally, some other causative factors may also lead to occurrence of this problem.

These may include excessive use of the shoulder joints, some injury to the shoulder, and immobility of the shoulder for long time due to surgery, some health conditions like as diabetes, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Parkinson’s disease, and cardiac disease. To manage this problem well, it is important to know the exact cause of shoulder pain so that this problem may be treated well.

Ayurvedic concept about Frozen Shoulder

As per ayurveda, Frozen Shoulder is primarily related to Apabahuka. It is chiefly caused as a result of vitiation of the Vata Dosha. The stiffness in the shoulder is caused due to imbalance of the Kapha Dosha. Hence its main focus is on reduction of the Vata Dosha so that pain as well as stiffness may be overcome well. Ayurveda suggests use of certain therapies that detoxify the body so that toxins may be removed from the body. Also it stresses on lubrication of the bones, muscles and joints as well as improvement in blood flow to the affected areas of the shoulder as well as the entire body. Pain and stiffness can be reduced effectively and ultimately eradicated totally with the use of ayurvedic treatment options.

Ayurvedic therapies for Frozen Shoulder treatment

Ayurveda has offered an apt solution for almost all types of problems being suffered by the human body. It offers certain types of therapies to the patients depending upon their unique physical conditions and requirements to manage the problem of Frozen Shoulder. Major Ayurvedic therapies for this problem are as follows.


With the use of herbal and medicated oils that are warmed up before application help in offering great and long lasting relief from pain and stiffness in the shoulder. Besides the painful shoulder, the entire body of the patient is massaged so that the joints may be lubricated well. At the same time, the blood flow to the nerve endings is improved so that patients may get recovered from the given painful condition quickly and effectively.


This therapy also makes use of warm and medicated oils that are poured onto the affected area of the shoulder with the help of a cloth. The oil is in fact squeezed to the painful shoulder to tone up the shoulder and also provide the requisite strength to it. This in turn helps on retaining normal movements of the shoulder.


Though medicated drugs or oils are introduced via the nostrils in this therapy however it helps in relieving the pain from the shoulder as the vital centers of the brain are stimulated so that perception of pain may be reduced.

Greeva Basti

This therapy involves use of a well that is prepared from black gram paste or whole wheat flour into which the especially prepared warm herbal oil is poured. This well is kept over the neck region so that the pain and stiffness from the neck as well as shoulder may be relieved.

Sneha Basti

The main aim of this therapy is to reduce the vata vitiation that is the key culprit for the problem of frozen shoulder. For achievement of this purpose, enema with the help of medicated oil is given to the patients.

Kashaya Basti

Like Sneha Basti, this therapy also helps in retaining the disturbed balance of the Vata vitiation with the use of enema facilitated by medicated decoction. The pain and stiffness is reduced with this therapy quite effectively.

Frozen shoulder that is really a painful condition can certainly be well-managed with the use of ayurvedic therapies. Such therapies are absolutely safe in all respects for the patients and also suitable for people of all age groups regardless of their gender.

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