Natural Back pain cure with ayurvedic therapies

Back pain is one of the most commonly suffered conditions in present day arena by large section of the population globally. It is all due to the inactive lifestyle wherein most people are engaged in desk-bound jobs. The condition gets aggravated further if it is left undiagnosed and untreated for long time. Of course, you have easy access to the pain-killers and other medicines that may offer immediate and temporary relief. However, such medicines are loaded with side-effects too. Owing to same reason, more and more people seek natural and safe cure for this problem. To help all such patients, ayurveda has come forward with its naturalistic and holistic approach towards management of back pain. There are innumerable therapies that are offered to the patients at the ayurvedic clinics like Nidanam Wellness Clinic run by Dr. Jyotiraditya Aggarwal. Under the guidance of such expert doctors, you may say no to back pain in a risk-free manner.
Back Pain

What Back pain is?

Generally, most of us may experience some tension in our back muscles and even mild to moderate pain following some strenuous activity or exercise or after lifting heavy weight. Such condition is caused due to excessive strain on the back muscles and especially the spinal region. This discomfort may subside after some time or following rest. However, some people suffer from back pain constantly. They may even find it difficult to carry out routine movements and chores properly and easily. In some cases, people suffering from back pain may even find it difficult to sit or stand properly and in a straight posture. When pain in the back continues for considerably long time and starts intervening with day to day activities, it is referred to as back pain. In some cases, the condition may become so worse that the patients find it difficult to move without help.

Common causes of Back Pain

Some of the common causes of pain in the back include prolonged sitting or standing in same position for long time, lifting of heavy weights, obesity, wrong posture, inactivity or over exercising, family history of the disease, some injury to the back, improper diet, nutritional deficiencies, extreme physical and mental stress and so on. Sometimes, back pain may result as a side-effect following surgery. Proper and timely diagnosis may help in excellent and effective management of this condition.

Ayurvedic viewpoint about Back Pain

As per ayurveda, Back Pain is one of the most common and major health complications that are experienced by large numbers of people who are in their old age and even in younger years of their age. In ayurveda, Back Pain is referred to as ‘Kati’ Shoola’. Here ‘Kati’ means lower back while the ‘shoola’ means pain. Rather than prescribing the pain killers or such other medicines to the patients, ayurveda suggests certain herbal or natural cures for management of this condition in highly effective manners. Such therapies are chiefly meant for external application and hence totally safe for the patients.

Ayurvedic Therapies for effective Back Pain Management

Certain types of ayurvedic therapies have been found to be quite effective in management of back pain in safe and natural manners. Some of the commonly used therapies are as follows.


This therapy involves massage of the whole body right from head to bottom. The massage is done with the help of ayurvedic oils and is meant to improve the flow of blood to the entire body and especially the nerve ending. The pain is relieved and the joints are also lubricated for their proper functioning. At the same time, it also helps in strengthening of the entire muscular system.

Kati Basti

This ayurvedic therapy is very much effective in management of the problem of lower back pain, lumbar spondylosis, sciatica and the inter-vertebral disc prolepses. Under this therapy, especially prepared warm herbal oils are poured into the lower back and are made to remain in the same place with the help of a well that is created by using paste made from the black gram or the wheat flour. Warm oil offers relaxation to the muscles and also stimulates improved blood circulation.


The basic meaning of Pizhichil is ‘squeezing’. Hence this therapy involves squeezing of the warm medicated oil onto the patient’s body. A piece of cloth is soaked in the medicated oil and then used to squeeze the same to the affected regions of the back. The muscles are toned and strengthened. Also it helps in offering the requisite support to the back muscles for their most optimal functions.


As per ayurveda, Kizhi therapy is meant to bring about the normal balance of the Vata and Vata-Kapha doshas in the body. Dry heat is used in this therapy so as to calm down the aggravated body doshas. It involves use of powders, herbs, rice, and warm sand. The active ingredients to be used in this therapy are tied in a muslin cloth to make small satchels or the potlis. These potlis are then heated and then pounded over the patients’ body or the specific painful areas lightly. Heat application in this manner offers great relief from pain and other discomforts being suffered by the patients. It is a wonderful therapy that offers quick relief from the back pain.

Sneha Basti

It is basically meant to give enema to the patients by using the medicated oil. Enema is offered to the patients so that toxins that block the nerve endings may be removed which in turn offers relief from painful conditions like lower backache, gout and rheumatism.

Kashaya Basti

This ayurvedic therapy also aims at offering enema by using the medicated decoction. Again it helps in detoxification of the body to pace up the recovery from lower backache, gout and rheumatism.

The natural and ayurvedic therapies for back pain are absolutely risk free for the patients. Hence such therapies must be preferred by people affected with lower back pain and enjoy good health and also problem-free functioning of the back muscles.

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