Natural and holistic cure for Arthritis

Taking into account the extreme pain and other symptoms suffered by the arthritis patients, ayurveda has come forward with its natural and holistic treatment for this unbearably painful condition. Ayurveda focuses on total elimination of pain, swelling, inflammation and stiffness from the affected joints so that patients may retain normal and free body movements in a totally painless manner. Use of natural and risk-free therapies is emphasized under ayurvedic treatment for arthritis. There are numerous clinics available around such as Nidanam Wellness Clinic where you may get rid of the severe symptoms of this painful condition under the supervision and guidance of knowledgeable Dr. Jyotiraditya Aggarwal and his team of experts. You may also get benefited by getting treatment from this renowned clinic that guarantees total freedom from the pain and other symptoms.


Understanding the Arthritis

Referred to as Sandhivat as per ayurveda, arthritis is basically a disease related to the bones and joints in the human body. Pain in the joints being one of the key symptoms of this disease, it is accompanied by other painful symptoms as well including redness, swelling, stiffness, restriction of movements, inflammation and edema in the affected joints. To better understand how this disease affects your joints, you need to understand how bones, joints and the muscles actually work.

In order to allow free and effortless movements of the joints, there is cartilage disc that acts as cushioning amidst two bones that prevents any friction or other such problems while carrying out movements such as walking, running, bending and so on. Due to inflammation and tearing caused in the cartilage cushioning as a result of arthritis, the bones start rubbing against each other. As a result of this, the patients start experiencing severe pain and problems in movements.

Key symptoms of Arthritis

Key symptoms that are commonly found in most of the patients of arthritis as per the ayurvedic approach towards arthritis treatment are as listed below.

  • Pain in the entire body or Angamarda
  • Patients start feeling excessively thirsty quite frequently or Trishna
  • Tastelessness is also a common symptom or Aruchi as per ayurveda
  • Feelings of lethargy and exhaustion or Alasya
  • Patients feel extreme stiffness in the joints early morning or when they wake up
  • Feeling of feverishness is also common
  • Heaviness is also experienced in the body
  • Stinging pain in the joints

Some less common symptoms may include:-

  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Fullness of abdomen
  • Lack of sleep

What does ayurveda think of Arthritis?

In accordance with the ayurvedic theories, vitiation of the Vata Dosha and Amavata are the key factors that result in occurrence of this painful condition. As a result of Amavata or indigestion, all the important body processes and activities get affected adversely. This happens particularly in old age or advancing age. Owing to same reason, most people advancing towards middle or old age are seen complaining of the problem of osteoarthritis. As per ayurveda, it is quite important to retain the disturbed balance amidst the three key body energies and maintain the same so that various issues such as arthritis that arise due to this imbalance may also be cured automatically.

What does ayurveda suggest for Arthritis cure?

In ayurveda, there are countless therapies that are recommended for treatment, management and prevention of various types of diseases and disorders. For arthritis, certain therapies are suggested. These therapies help in retaining the normal functions related to the digestive system and also the metabolic activity thereby help in elimination of the symptoms associated with arthritis. Such therapies are easily available at ayurvedic clinics including the Nidanam Wellness Clinic wherein the experts offer these therapies to the patients under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Jyotiraditya Aggarwal. Chiefly, medicated oils are used to lubricate the joints and also for strengthening of the muscles around the affected joints.

Ayurvedic therapies for Arthritis

Major therapies used under Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis are as follows.


Primarily, it is a part of Panchakarma therapy. The main aim of this therapy is to cleanse various systems of the body including the gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder and liver so as to remove the toxins and bring normal balance of the Pitta dosha in the body. The blood is also purified. This therapy involves Sudation, Oleation followed by the Purgation therapies. The toxins are removed from the body through bowel movements. This in turn helps in offering relief from the painful symptoms caused due to arthritis.


Chiefly, it involves offering relaxing massage to the entire body of the patients using the medicated oils. As a result of this therapy, the joints are lubricated and at the same time, the tone of the muscles is also improved. Hence the joints that are supported by the muscles also get strengthened. The blood circulation to all the body muscles and joints is also improved. The metabolic wastes get removed from the body effectively and completely thereby reducing the inflammatory pain in the body. This therapy also helps in curing the stiffness from the muscles and the joints thereby allowing free movements to the patients.


The main motive of this therapy is to cleanse the colon so that problems in the Vata Dosha may also be eliminated. In accordance with the specific condition of the patient, any of the eight types of Basti therapy may be used. Again it is meant to flush out the toxins from the body with the help of oil enemas or decoction enemas that are applied into the rectum in a liquid medium.


As per ayurveda, this therapy works wonders in management of the arthritis and its various signs and symptoms. Chiefly, warm and medicated herbal paste is applied to the affected joints that are covered with pain-relieving herbal leaves followed by cotton cloth bandage. It results in nourishment of the tissues, improvement in blood circulation, stimulation of the healing process and strengthening of the muscles.

Patients suffering from arthritis must opt for a natural and holistic treatment approach for arthritis in the form of ayurvedic therapies and improve the quality of their life. It allows them to lead a pain-free and normal life while carrying on with their normal movements.

You can contact Nidanam Wellness and reach our Dr. Jyotiraditya for targeted treatment for Arthritis and other related problems.