Risk-free and totally natural cure for Migraine relief

Taking into account the severity and intensity of the headache caused due to migraine as well as the side-effects caused by the commonly used pain-killers to combat this condition, the experts working in the field of ayurveda have presented an excellent natural cure for migraine pain. It is offered in the form of various types of therapies that make use of natural or herbal ingredients for management of severe headache and other associated symptoms. Such natural treatments are easily available at Nidanam Wellness Clinic and similar other clinics that focus on the use of risk-free treatment options for the patients.

Run under the kind supervision of Dr. Jyotiraditya Aggarwal, this clinic has been serving the patients for years long. By switching over to this natural and totally safe cure for migraine, the patients may definitely reduce the frequency of the migraine attacks and in fact get rid of the same permanently. Freedom from any health hazards makes ayurvedic treatment options an apt cure for large numbers of patients affected with this condition.

What migraine is?

Believed to be a neurological condition, migraine is characterized by severe headaches that are generally accompanied by feelings of nausea and increased sensitivity to light and sound. The throbbing and the intense pain caused by this condition may lead to other symptoms as well. In fact, the patients are unable to concentrate on anything and may sometimes start crying due to the severe headache being suffered by them. The headache caused due to migraine may last from few hours to few days. Patients also complain of numbness or tingling sensation in some body parties. People who have family history of the disease are at high risk of suffering from this condition. Timely diagnosis and proper treatments may help in controlling and managing this condition well.

Migraine types

Chiefly, three types of migraine are identified in the medical science. These are as follows.

Migraine with aura

Certain warning symptoms may start showing up before the onset of the actual headache in this type of migraine. These warning symptoms are referred to as aura and hence its name. The commonly experienced auras are visual problems such as flashing lights and stiffness in the neck, shoulders or limbs.

Migraine without aura

Suggested by the name, no auras or warning symptoms appear in this case. However some other symptoms such as severe throbbing headache and nausea may appear along with onset of the headache.

 Migraine without headache

 In this type of migraine, the headache doesn’t actually develop however the warning signs or the aura is there. It is also referred to as silent Migraine.

By knowing the specific type of migraine being suffered by you, apt treatment can be offered by the expert medical practitioners.

Migraine causes

There are some common causes that are identified in the medical science for occurrence of migraine in the patients. These are as discussed below.

· Hormonal changes taking place in the body at certain stages of life may also trigger migraine headaches. It is particularly true for women that experience numerous hormonal changes in their bodies at different stages of life such as onset of puberty, menopause, and pregnancy and so on.
 · Skipping of meals has also been reported as one amongst the key factors that lead to migraines.
·  Likewise, lack of adequate fluid content in the body may also give rise to migraines.
 · Environment changes such as change in the weather conditions due to fluctuations in the temperatures may also give rise to migraines.
 · Mental stress is also believed to be a key culprit for migraines. When a person is under extreme mental stress certain neurotransmitters like adrenaline and hormones such as cortisol are released in the body. These may lead to development of severe headaches.
 · Use of certain medications including the oral contraceptives and asthma medicines may also become a major trigger for migraine.
 ·  People who suffer from the problem of lack of proper sleep and rest may also become easy victims of migraine.
Migraine preventative measures
 Once triggered it is very much difficult to get rid of the severe headache caused due to migraine easily and quickly. However, you may take some preventative measures in order to manage this condition and stay away from recurrent headaches.
ü Have plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and especially during hot and dry weather conditions.
ü Make sure you take your meals and snacks at proper time.
ü Take proper rest and sleep to ensure that all the body processes are normalized.
ü Try to stay away from stressful situations.
ü Stay away from strong smells, loud sound and lights.
ü Avoid going out in the sun.
ü Intake of caffeine must be reduced. Instead you must switch over to hydrating and healthy drinks.
ü Avoid any strenuous physical activity or workouts.
Ayurvedic therapies for migraine
 In accordance with ayurveda, migraine is reffered to as ‘Sooryavarta’. Basically, Soorya means ‘Sun’ and avarta means ‘affliction’ or ‘blockage’. It is believed that migraine headache generally starts at the sunrise, worsens at noon time and gets reduced at the sunset. The conditions may vary from one person to the other. Imbalance of tridosha is believed to be major culprit for migraine headaches. However, vitiation of Vata Dosha is the major cause for its occurrence. Following natural therapies are advocated in ayurveda for management of migraine pain effectively.


With the help of induced purgation it is aimed total detoxification of the body so that Vata dosha may be reduced and its normal balance may be retained in the body.


This therapy involves application of herbal oils or decoctions through the nasal cavity. The oils or decoctions thus applied reach the brain which in turn helps in reducing the symptoms of Migraine.


This therapy is especially useful in case of migraines that are triggered due to extreme mental stress. The brain is calmed down to offer great relief from the throbbing pain.

By taking some preventative measures and opting for natural therapies for migraine, you may successfully manage this problem in a safe manner.
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