Joint Pain

Joint pain Treatment at Nidanam, Panchkula

Joints in easy language are the connection between two bones. They are the support of the body that facilitates our movements. Any damage to this mechanism due to injury, disease or any other reason may cause difficulty in movement and also cause excruciating pain.

Joint pains are a common phenomenon as we age. It is quite common amongst people over 50 years of age but these days’ young individuals also experience pains which are more related to bad lifestyle. Knee pain is the most common of all as it is a weight bearing joint. Next pains in the followed by shoulder and hip joint pain.

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Conditions that can cause Joint pains
1.Osteoarthritis – this is actually not a disease but more of a aging of joint. This is a resultant of wear and tear of the joint.
2.Rheumatoid arthritis – it is an autoimmune disorder in which body cells start attacking own tissue thereby damaging the joint making a painful condition.
3.Gout – this condition arises due to excessive uric acid deposition in the joint. It is one of the very painful form of arthritis
4.Bursitis – this is a condition in which there is inflammation in the sac of fluid that acts as the cushion of the joint.
5.Cervical spondylitis – one of the most common type of pain amongst younger people. It is more due to wrong postures.
6.Ankylosing spondylitis – it is a condition in which there is fusion of joints of the body especially of back and hip joint. It happens due to presence of HLAB27 gene in the body.
7.Disc prolapse – one of the common problem these days. It happens again due to wrong postures and weight issues.
8.Sciatica – this happens due to compression of one of the nerve named sciatica that travels from back to the leg. It is also a very common problem these days
9.Frozen shoulder – it is also very common these days. Shoulder movements gets restricted causing great difficulties in coping up with day to day activities.
10.Strains, sprains, and other injuries that are routine activities in body.
11.Deficiencies – deficiencies of vitamins and minerals also leads to joint pains.


As mentioned earlier, joint pains cause loss or trouble in movements. The pain may also make you bed ridden. Dr. Jyotiraditya Agarwal has a vast experience in treating such pain with the help of Ayurveda and panchkarma. He not only helps in relieving from the pain but also helps in curing the cause of the problem thereby leaving no chance of reoccurrence of the disease.
There are many cases in which patients had been advised surgeries but with his skills and experience he has cured the patients saving them from being cut unnecessarily by surgeons.