Depression & Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety from ayurvedic perspective

Like all other diseases and illnesses, depression and anxiety are also outcomes of imbalance of various body energies or the doshas. This imbalance may be caused due to wrong dietary habits, improper lifestyle, and improper sleeping patterns and so on. As per ayurveda, depression is described as ‘Vishada’ and has an adverse effect on the mental as well as physical health of the patients. Since normal sleeping patterns are also disturbed adversely due to depressed mental state therefore feeling anxious, tense and nervousness also accompany this condition.

Unlike the traditional treatments that generally make use of habit forming drugs, ayurveda emphasizes on bringing about the lost balance amidst various doshas. To get proper and the requisite treatment of depression and anxiety, you may prefer visiting ayurvedic clinics like Nidanam Wellness Clinics that are offering apt cure for this mental illness. Dr. Jyotiraditya Aggarwal that has been running this clinic successfully along with his team of experts ensures total cure and healing of this mental disorder.

How do you define Depression and Anxiety?

Depression can simply be defined as a mental state when you have negative and sad feelings and emotions in your mind. Feeling exhausted, tired and keen desire to be all alone and disinterestedness towards routine activities are some of the key symptoms of this mental illness. Further, patients may also experience certain physical discomforts like upset stomach, headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite, weight loss or weight gain, low self confidence and many more. Feeling stressed, anxious and depressed for some time when faced with some unfavorable situations in life is but natural for all. It is the way of the body to get adapted to and accept the given situation. However, when this condition persists for considerably long time, it gets converted into depression. Such patients feel anxious over even trivial matters in daily life. This condition can be overcome with the help of proper treatment.

Ayurvedic therapies for Depression and Anxiety cure

Ayurveda finds some therapies to be quite useful in the management of negative mental states including Depression and Anxiety. The most commonly used therapies are as follows.


In this therapy, the patients are offered total body massage by using medicated herbal oils. The main motive of this therapy is to improve the blood circulation in the entire body so that the process of detoxification may be normalized. It helps in removal of the metabolic wastes and toxins from the body so that these may not intervene with natural healing of the mind and body. At the same time, such pressure points are also triggered through the massage that helps in alleviation and eradication of the negative mental states including stress, tension, anxiety and depression. The patients feel light-headed and of course better following the massage. Immunity is also boosted with the help of this therapy. It also induces sleep naturally in the patients.


Suggested by the name, this therapy is meant to massage the foot so that the nerve endings and the pressure points present therein may be stimulated. This in turn helps in retaining the normal balance amidst various body Doshas. It relieves stress and anxiety and the patients experience awesome feeling of mental calmness. This therapy helps in improvement in the blood circulation in the lower legs and also aids in eradication of the feelings of exhaustion and tiredness in the feet. Other conditions like insomnia, depression and nervousness are also well-addressed with this wonderful therapy.


‘Nasya’ basically means nostrils and hence this therapy that is basically a part of the Panchkarma therapy uses medicated oils or drugs that are administered through the nostrils. Since medicated oils are administered via nostrils therefore it helps in direct and quick stimulation of the key centers of the brain. Consequently, patients get effective and immediate relief from stress, tension, depression, anxiety and similar other negative mental states. First, facial massage is performed or steam is applied to the forehead, face, ears, and neck followed by introduction of the herbal oils or juices via the nostrils. These oils then get spread to the nervous system through the veins. The patients are then made to gargle with lukewarm water and also medicated smoke is provided to them for steam inhalation. It induces sleep naturally so as to calm down the brain.


This ayurvedic therapy is meant to offer relief from physical as well as mental stress. It involves gentle and synchronized massaging of the entire body except for head by squeezing warm medicated oils over the body. Lukewarm herbal oil squeezed from a cloth is rubbed on the entire body gently for some time for total relaxation and rejuvenation. Vata Dosha is reduced for normal functioning of all the parts of the body.


Aimed at improving the blood circulation, this therapy offers great relief from oxidative stress and hence anxiety and depression. Small warm muslin cloth boluses of herbal powders, herbs, rice or sand are used to be lightly pounded over the body. Dry heat provided to the body with the help of this massage helps in relieving the stress from the body as well as mind. The aggravated Vata Dosha and the VataKapha conditions are well managed with the help of this therapy.


As per ayurveda, Shiro means forehead and Dhara means continuous pouring of something. Hence this ayurvedic therapy is chiefly meant to continuously pouring of the medicated oil on the forehead with pendulum motion for a sometime. Apart from the medicated oils, warm decoctions, buttermilk, or even water may be used in this therapy. When warm oil is poured over the forehead continuously stress is automatically relieved. Additionally, it also results in stimulation as well as soothing down of the hypothalamus so that sleep may be induced naturally. Head massage is also given to the patients as per requirements for effective outcomes.

With the help of such wonderful and effective ayurvedic therapies, people struggling hard with stress, tension and depression may get relieved of such mental illnesses and enjoy overall well-being naturally.

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