Zingiber Shot ! For Boosting Immunity during Lockdown

It’s been a long day, sitting idle at home is getting so boring. Well yes, I am self-quarantining myself due to popping up of this undesired entity in our world named “The CoronaVirus”. But being a medical practitioner it hurts me for not being able to render my services to overcome this zombie-like disease that has eventually made our earth a Zombieland.

Zingiber Shot

Friends, I am Dr. Jyotiraditya, an ayurvedist. People who are not acquainted with the term Ayurvedist, let me give them clarity. An ayurvedist means a practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine.I was thinking forlong to share some information that might be helpful, at least to get equipped to put a strong show to this deadly coronavirus.

We all know the best option to fight this trespasser is to get isolated first and secondly tohave a good immunity. I am hopeful that the first part i.e. isolation is being followed by all. Now comes the second part. Alot of us know what immunity is, but for those who don’t, let’s understand it.

Immunity is a kind of self-defence mechanism of our body similar toan anti-virus software in computer that helps in countering undesired foreign entities invading our body causing harm to it.

World is going crazy now after they learned that people with good immunity can easily win this No Holds Bar matchagainst Corona virus.

Basic rule to boost immunity is to go as close to nature as possible. Nature Comprises of five basic elements namely space, earth, fire, water and air. Getting close to all these things in harmony makes our survival and existence easy. Well, let’s keep this topic for some other time. Let’s here focus on some extremely easy to use home remedy that promotes immunity. Continue to use this even after we had overcome corona virus effect as in my view we need immunity for the future as well.

While going through one of the classical Indian medical texts I came across a simple home remedy that gives a big push to ourimmunity. I named it Zingiber shot.

Ingredients used in Zingiber Shot

  1. Raw Zingiber (ginger) 5cm in length approximately
  2. Raw Curcumin (Turmeric) 5cm in length approximately
  3. Honey 2  teaspoon
  4. Malus (Apple) 1 pc (preferably green)
  5. Lemon 2 pc

Method of preparation

Step 1 – Finely chop Zingiber and curcumin and put it in 50 ml of boiling
 water. Wait till the water reduces to half. Allow it to cool
              naturally and sieve. Keep the water aside.

Step 2 – Grate the apple.

Step 3 – Cut the lemon and squeeze the juice out of it

Step 4–mix all the above in the zingiber curcumin water and
add 2 teaspoon spoon of honey to the mixture

Step 5 – make three portions out of it. i.e. the above
               preparation makes 3 shots.

Your Zingiber shot isready!

How to consume

Consume one-shot daily with warm water preferably empty stomach early morning. Quantity of the shot should vary as per body weight and age. I will recommend preparing this shot fresh daily

Benefits of Zingiber shots

  1. Immunity booster
  2. It has anti-inflammatory effects
  3. It may also work as a natural pain-killer
  4. Helps in relieving all sorts of cough, cold and fever
  5. Has anti-aging properties

Note – Wash all the ingredients in running water before starting the preparation.

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