What does ayurveda suggest for effective weight loss?

What does ayurveda suggest for effective weight loss?

The journey to losing weight is full of struggles and hardships. One needs to follow the diet plans and exercise regimens strictly and regularly. Unfortunately, only few people succeed in their mission even after following low calorie diets and hard exercise regimens. It is because weight loss is not just related to what is being eaten or how much exercise you actually indulge in. Rather it has something to do with the way you eat and also the way you carry out exercises. Largely, it is also dependent upon the lifestyle you actually follow. Luckily, you may follow some ayurvedic principles or habits that may let you attain success as far as your weight loss goal is concerned. If you wish to lose your weight in a super charged manner you may follow below given ayurvedic habits and definitely get back into shape.

Ensure that lunch is a must-have meal during the day

Contrary to popular belief that breakfast is a must have meal and one must not skip it at any cost, ayurveda believes that lunch is the major and most important meal that one must surely incorporate in one’s meal plans during the entire day. The simplest logic behind this as per ayurvedic viewpoint is that the digestive fire is quite active and aggressive during the noon time. Hence the capacity to digest the foods or anything else is quite high during this time of the day. So if you are also planning weight loss in Chandigarh, you must ensure that you have a hearty lunch every day. The other two meals must be light and easily digestible.

Say no to daytime sleeping

Those who are undertaking any of the weight loss treatment in Chandigarh must say no to daytime sleeping. It is because daytime sleeping increases kapha dosha in the body that is chiefly held responsible for weight gain. Instead you must have a peaceful and undisturbed sleep at night time so as to stay fresh and rejuvenated all through the day.

Cut down meat intake and excessive nutrients from your diet

Instead of consuming meat and other non-vegetarian products, it is better to opt for vegetarian options if you wish to lose weight and get back into shape quickly and effortlessly. Due to obesity or over weightiness, the body is already overloaded with nutrients. Hence the need for any extra nutrients in the form of meat is ruled out.

Must include spices and flavors in your eatables

In order to lose weight and that too in an interesting and engaging way, it is advised to spice up or add flavors to your foods. You just need to use natural ingredients for this so that risks of any hazardous effects on the body are totally ruled out. Spicing up your foods keeps you motivated to be on a healthy diet that aids in weight loss.

By following these superb ayurvedic habits and joining an apt weight loss clinic in Chandigarh, you can definitely lose weight and enjoy having a great body shape and overall well-being naturally.

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