Panchkarma In Panchkula

What is Panchkarma?

Numbers of systems and approaches are in existence to ensure overall good health of the mind and body. All these use different types of approaches so as to heal the body and mind and attain good health. Panchkarma is basically a process that is aimed at cleaning the entire body including all its parts and organs through five actions or treatments. The basic meaning of Panchkarma is ‘five actions’ or ‘five treatments’ that are involved in the entire process.

Generally, human body keeps on detoxifying itself by removal of wastes, impurities, toxins and other harmful elements in a natural way. However due to certain reasons such as lack of exercise, improper diet, wrong lifestyle, genetic factors, hormonal imbalance, use of certain medicines and other factors, this natural system is disturbed. As a result, toxins and wastes keep on accumulating in the body and start causing numerous problems. As per ayurvedic viewpoint, the waste materials are referred to as ama. Ama is considered to be a sticky, hazardous, and foul-smelling substance that may cause great harm to the body, if not properly and regularly removed from the body.

Panchkarma is chiefly aimed at removal of the ama thereby restoring and regaining the natural balance in the body. Detoxification and Rejuvenation of the human body is the major concern for Panchkarma. Excess of doshas are removed from the body and hence normal balance is restored so as to promote overall well-being of the concerned individual. Panchkarma may be opted for by anyone desirous of complete detoxification as well as rejuvenation of the entire body during seasonal changes or when there is some illness in the body. The body tissues are deeply and completely cleansed with the use of various treatments or action involved in this therapeutic approach towards management of illnesses.

Five treatments or actions of Panchkarma

Following are the major treatments or actions utilized under the Panchkarma therapy for detoxification and rejuvenation of the human body.

Abhyagna– It is basically an herbal-oil massage that is aimed at deep penetration of the oil into the skin. Also it is meant to offer relaxation to the mind and body. Impurities are broken up for their easy removal from the body. Circulation through arteries as well as lymph nodes is also improved to great extent.

Garshana– In this treatment option, the dry lymphatic skin is brushed with the help of a wool or silk glove so as to enhance circulation. The skin is cleansed for better effects of the oil and herbal treatments that follow.

Swedana– It is a steam bath under which the head and heart are allowed to remain cool while the body is heated. This in turn removes the emotional, physical and the mental toxins accumulated in the body.

Pizichili– This treatment of Panchkarma involves pouring of warm and herbal oil in a soothing manner all over the body while massage is performed by the therapists.

Udvartana– In this treatment, herbal paste that may penetrate deeply into the lymphatic system is used for massaging. This in turn allows the stagnant toxins accumulated therein.

By absolute and deep detoxification of the body, Panchkarma therapy allows you to retain good health in all respects.

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